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Holiday Travel Safety Tips from CCS

During the holiday season, long distance trips increase by about 23 percent compared to the rest of the year. As we approach these travel-heavy times, the Center for Childhood Safety stresses the importance of traveling safety. Whether you’re shopping, driving, or riding in another vehicle, follow these tips to stay safe! • Be especially careful in busy parking lots where there may be distracted pedestrians and drivers • Remind teenagers of safe driving habits since driving conditions can be more challenging this time of year • Make sure you’re not distracted while driving and commit to keeping your phone out of reach • Buckle up every ride, every time • Get your car seats checked before holiday travel, since over 73 percent are installed incorrectly • Keep gifts and hot foods in the trunk to avoid them becoming a projectile in the case of a crash • If you plan to drink at holiday parties, designate a driver or use a car service If you would like your child’s car seat checked over before holiday travel or for general childhood safety information, please call the Center for Childhood Safety at (920) 272-0110 or visit CCS aims to eliminate all preventable childhood injuries and accidents that lead to disabilities and death through improved education and public awareness.

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