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Fire Safety

On average, 500 children ages 14 and under are killed by fires each year. Home fires account for nearly 90% of all fire-related deaths. Fire can spread rapidly through a home, leaving a family as little as two minutes to escape safely once the alarm sounds.
Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in home fires in half.

Fire Safety

  • Install smoke alarms on all levels of your home, both inside and outside of all bedrooms/sleeping areas.

  • Test your smoke alarms at least once a month to ensure they are working.

  • Replace smoke alarms when they are 10 years old.

  • Have a fire escape plan prepared and practice with everyone that lives in the home. This includes knowing two ways to get out of every room and having a designated meeting spot set outside of the home.

  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

Electrical Appliances, Cords, and Outlets

  • Ensure electrical appliances are in good condition, without loose or frayed cords or plugs.

  • Replace or professionally repair any appliances that spark, smell unusual, or overheat.

  • Avoid overloading outlets with plugs from the TV, computer, video game systems, etc.

  • Cover any outlets that are not in use with plastic safety covers if you have toddlers or young children in your home.

  • Don't run electrical wires under rugs or across walking areas.

  • Make sure lamps and night-lights are not touching bedspreads, drapes, or other fabrics.

  • Use caution when using electric blankets.

  • Check if your home contain GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) and/or AFCIs (arc fault circuit interrupters), which prevent electrical shock and fire by shutting off faulty circuits.

Kitchen Safety

  • Don't let kids use kitchen appliances by themselves and always supervise the kitchen area when the stovetop is in use. Home cooking equipment is the leading cause of residential fires.

  • Keep pan handles turned inwards, away from the edge of the stove to prevent it from being bumped and falling.

  • Keep anything that can catch fire, such as towels or food packaging, away from the stove.

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