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Toy Safety

Toys and games are tons of fun for kids and adults. Whether your kids are working on a puzzle, playing with building blocks or even inventing their own games, here are a few things to think about to help them stay safer and have a blast.

Approximately, 516 kids are seen in  emergency departments for toy related injuries every day. More than a third of those injured were children 5 and under.   

How To Buy Safe Toys

  • Always pay close attention to the age recommendations

      on toys and choose one according to a child’s age, interest

      and skill level. Also, be aware of other safety labels such as

      “Flame retardant/flame resistant” or “Washable/Hygienic

      materials” on dolls and other stuffed toys, and learn how to

      clean baby toys of all types. 

  • For children one and under, choose toys that are colorful,

       lightweight, have various textures and are made of

       non-toxic materials. Children this age learn through sight,

       touch, sound and taste and often put things into their mouths

       to explore them.

  • Remove tags, strings, and ribbons from toys before giving

       them to young children. Watch for pull toys with strings that

       are more than 12 inches long, because they could be a

       strangulation hazard for babies.

  • If you are buying a gift for a young child, look for toys without small pieces. Young children can choke on small parts contained in toys or games.

  • If you are considering a digital device for a child or teen, such as a tablet, smartphone or game system, think about the purpose of the device and the rules you want to set around its use

  • Avoid toys that have button batteries or magnets, which can be harmful if swallowed.

  • Supervision is essential; provide safe hazard-free play environments both indoors and during outdoor play. Toys get used and abused by children; regularly conduct a toy maintenance check for safety and durability. ​

  • Teach children early to put toys away when they are finished playing with them. This will prevent accidental falls over them.