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CPR Certification

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CPR is an emergency lifesaving procedure that is conducted when the heart stops beating. Immediate performance of CPR can double or triple a person's chance of survival. Each year around 350,000 Americans suffer from cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. Unfortunately, only 46% of people get immediate bystander CPR help before professionals arrive.

CPR Certification (Adult, Infant, AED, & First Aid)

This class teaches life-saving techniques: the Heimlich maneuver

and infant to adult CPR.  In class, you'll learn the proper

techniques for breathing, chest thrusts, back blows, and more.  

The other advantage of taking a class? You'll get experience

practicing these emergency techniques — and studies have

shown that the more people practice, the more confident they

are in a true emergency.

2024 Class Schedule:

Tuesday, April 23rd - 5 - 7pm

Future Dates To Be Added


Cost is $50 per participant
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