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Poison Safety

Are your kiddos curious explorers that like to open cupboards or drawers they don’t belong in? Or maybe they like to put anything and everything in their mouth? Either way, children being exposed to dangerous products can lead to poisoning.
More than 90% of poisonings happen at home.

Storing Items Properly

  • Keep products up and away, out of sight.

  • Little ones are often eye-level with items under sinks, so avoid storing dangerous items in these cupboards.

  • Use safety locks on cabinets and drawers.

  • Store household products in a different place than where food is kept.

  • Keep medicines and other products in their original containers and always replace caps tightly.

  • Avoid leaving medications on nightstands, countertops, or in purses.

Items to Keep Out of Reach

Read product labels and always use medicine and household products according to label directions.

  • Medications

  • Vitamins

  • Cleaning products

  • Laundry supplies

  • Tobacco and e-cigarette products

  • Pesticides

  • Button batteries

Other Safety Tips

  • Use child-resistant packaging.

  • Put the poison control center number (1-800-222-1222) in your cell phone and post it on your fridge so that you can call immediately if a poisoning occurs.

  • Safely dispose of unused, unneeded, or expired prescription drugs and over the counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements.

  • Never refer to medicine as "candy" or another appealing name.

  • Follow label directions and read all warnings when giving medicines to children.

  • 38% of ER visits due to children getting into medication involve grandparent’s medication. Talk to other caregivers and grandparents about these safety tips to ensure they know how to store medication safely as well.

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