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Kid’s Practice 911 Dialer Privacy Policy

Center for Childhood Safety is committed to protecting your privacy.
This application is developed by Skyline Technologies - A Core BTS Company and administered by Center for Childhood Safety (CCS). CCS wants you to feel secure when using our website or applications and is
committed to maintaining your privacy when doing so. This Privacy Policy applies to data collected by CCS through the Kid’s Practice 911 Dialer mobile applications. Please read this Privacy Policy very carefully.

What information do we gather?
The Kid’s Practice 911 Dialer app collects information when you voluntarily submit it to us. The app collects information on a child’s name, phone number and address to use locally in the app.
Additionally, when you follow a link like the one to this privacy policy, CCS gathers information indirectly through our Internet access logs. When you access CCS's website, your Internet address is automatically collected and is placed in our Internet access logs. We may also record the URLs of the
websites and pages you visit (before, during and after your visit to the CCS website), the times and dates of such visits, information about the computer hardware and software you use and other information that may be available.  To learn more about privacy on our main website, please visit our Online Privacy Policy.

How does the Center for Childhood Safety use this information?
The personal information the Kid’s Practice 911 Dialer collects when you sign up for app is used to determine if your child is saying their name, phone number, and address correctly. This information is not submitted to a service or stored anywhere but locally on your device with the app.  CCS will not sell, lease, or rent any information that we collect from our app or website.

What about sensitive personal data?
We do not generally seek to collect sensitive personal data through our website or mobile applications. If we do seek to collect such data, we will ask you to consent to our proposed uses of the data.

Do we give you access to your information?
We do not maintain information from the Kid’s Practice 911 Dialer in any service. This is maintained locally in the app.  You are entitled to know whether we hold information about you that is collected via our website and, if we do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate. You can do this by sending us an email.
What about data security?
We take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your data. The security of Kid’s Practice 911 Dialer data is relative to the app’s device since that data is not submitted to or stored in any external service.

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