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BayCare Clinic Bikes Donates 1,000 Bicycle Helmets to Center for Childhood Safety

The Center for Childhood Safety would like to thank BayCare Clinic Bikes for their generous donation of 1,000 bicycle helmets that will be provided to at-risk Green Bay area children through the Center’s annual Winners Wear Helmets/Wee Winners Wear Helmets event. BayCare Clinic Bikes promotes bicycling as a healthy, family-friendly activity. Their efforts are aimed toward increasing bicycling and advocating for bicycling safety throughout northeast Wisconsin. Their generosity greatly supports the Center’s efforts to educate children on bicycle and pedestrian safety and to provide resources to keep children in the community safe and free from injury.

The Center for Childhood Safety will be visiting two Green Bay Head Start programs in March where children will receive a free helmet, helmet fitting and safety education through a bicycle rodeo as part of Wee Winners Wear Helmets. During the months of April and May, Green Bay area fifth-graders from the districts will also receive helmets, fittings and education for their age group during the Winners Wear Helmets program. The schools involved in the program this year include: Chappell, Eisenhower, Lincoln, Keller, Sullivan, Howe, and Danz.

“It’s important to start getting children into helmets early, when they begin learning to ride their bikes, so the use of helmets becomes a good habit,” Hess said. “That’s why we engaged the Head Start children several years ago. It continues today because over the years, statistics have shown many children’s lives saved or traumatic brain injuries avoided when children wear bike helmets. We are fortunate to have had immense support over the years from many agencies and organizations committed to protecting our local children.”

Statistically, children are at substantial risk of being injured or killed in bicycle accidents. According to the Children’s Safety Network, 44 percent of nonfatal bicycle injuries and nearly 24 percent of bicycle fatalities involve children and youth between 5 and 20 years old. Helmet use is the single most effective way to reduce bicycle‐related fatalities and injuries.

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