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Holiday Toy Safety Tips

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching! As you gear up for the holiday shopping season, whether you shop in-person or online, toy safety is of the upmost importance. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 185,500 children under 15 years old visited emergency departments for toy-related injuries in 2015. Shop early and follow our tips to ensure a fun and safe holiday season! • Check the instructions and warning labels on toys and games to ensure it’s a good fit for your child’s age • Make sure there aren’t any small parts or other choking hazards • If you give a new bike, skateboard, scooter, or other riding device, be sure to include a helmet • After play time is over, use a container to store the toys for next time • Sign up for recall emails with Safe Kids or visit for the latest recalls Electronic devices are getting smaller, slimmer, and sleeker. Many of these devices contain button batteries, which can be extremely dangerous to children. When a child swallows a button battery, it triggers an electrical current, which causes a chemical reaction that can severely burn the esophagus. • Keep coin lithium battery-controlled devices out of sight and reach, including remote controls, singing greeting cards, digital scales, watched, hearing aids, children’s toys, calculator, and decorations • Place a piece of duct tape over the controller to prevent small children from accessing the battery • Share this information with caregivers, friends, and family • If you suspect your child has ingested a battery, don’t have your child eat or drink anything and go to the hospital immediately For more information on toy safety or for general childhood safety information, please call the Center for Childhood Safety at (920) 272-0110 or visit CCS aims to eliminate all preventable childhood injuries and accidents that lead to disabilities and death through improved education and public awareness.

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