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International Snowmobile Safety Week

Snowmobiling is a fun, recreational activity, however, with these machines weighing up to 600 pounds and having ability to go 60 miles per hour, safety is of the upmost importance. International Snowmobile Safety Week is January 20-28, 2018. This is the 25th year that the snowmobile community has collaborated to recognize the importance or safe, responsible snowmobiling.

Follow these tips to ensure a fun and safe snowmobile season!

  • Children under 16 shouldn't operate a snowmobile.

  • Take a snowmobile safety training course.

  • Always check local ice conditions.

  • Never snowmobile alone.

  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear, such as goggles.

  • Wear proper clothing, such as waterproof snow suits and rubber boots.

  • Only ride snowmobiles in permitted areas.

  • Adult supervision when snowmobiles are being used is key.

  • Always keep headlights and taillights on; brightly colored flags and reflectors are also good additions to have.

  • Be extra cautious on trails you are unfamiliar with; they can pose additional hazards.

  • Never operate a snowmobile under the influence.

  • Know the laws in your state.

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