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Saving Lives for Over 30 Years!

Dedicated to Eliminating Childhood Injury

Preventable injuries lead to more death or disability for children ages 1-19 in Wisconsin and around the country.  

When we talk about preventable injuries, we are not talking about skinned knees, bruised shins or scraped elbows. Those are the telltale signs of a curious child, learning about the world and looking for adventure. Center for Childhood Safety (CCS) works to protect kids from more serious injuries and deaths that don’t have to happen. We want a world where no parent has to experience the loss of a child. Ending this global epidemic does not require a new drug of vaccine. It’s about education, awareness and behavior change.

  • 40% of all deaths in children ages 1-19 are due to injury.  That is one child every hour.

  • By applying what we know about disease prevention to child injury, we can keep more children safe.

  • Injury is the top cause of medical spending for children--about $87 billion every year.

  • There are fewer resources and a smaller amount for funding for injury research and prevention than for other less common causes of death.


Injuries are not random.  Research shows us how and when injuries happen and who is most at risk.


Because injuries are preventable, you can learn

how to prevent injuries

before they happen.


Each of us has the power to reduce the risk of injury to a child.  We can keep children safe by making changes in our behavior and our surroundings.

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